25.05.2016 Increases in bonuses are in contradiction to shrinking profits
  • Higher wages and lower consumer prices increased the capacity of households to consume
  • The growth in average wages in manufacturing accelerated from 5.4% to 8% in the fourth quarter of ...
24.05.2016 Loans and leases to companies grew in April, 7% over the year
  • Loans and leases to companies grew fast in April (7%), just like in the preceding months
  • The stock of housing loans increased in April at the same rate as in recent months, 4% over the ...
13.05.2016 Emigration slowed the decline in the number of people of working age
  • Seasonally adjusted employment was higher than in the final quarter of last year
  • Labour productivity declined in 2015, but has started to rise again

Figures from Statistics ...

13.05.2016 The current account deficit widened in March

The flash estimate1 put the Estonian current account at 58 million euros in deficit in March 2016. The increase in the deficit was driven most by the widening of the deficit on the goods ...

12.05.2016 Preliminary data show the economy was more in balance in the first quarter than previously
  • Retail sales volumes grew more slowly in March, but still faster than GDP
  • Seasonally adjusted exports grew fast in quarterly terms
  • Corporate investment increased
  • Growth ...