Press releases

26.03.2015 The Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank is to continue the current strategy of profit distribution
24.03.2015 The quality of the loan portfolio of the banks continued to improve in February
16.03.2015 The current account was in surplus in January
11.03.2015 The external balance improved last year
06.03.2015 Deflation slowed in February
04.03.2015 Eesti Pank has set three requirements for issuing housing loans
03.03.2015 More complex exports help lead to faster growth
02.03.2015 Collector coins and stamps dedicated to Eduard Vilde will go on sale in the museum of Eesti Pank on Wednesday
26.02.2015 The purchasing power of those earning the average wage grew quickly
25.02.2015 Household deposits continued to grow strongly in January
17.02.2015 Ardo Hansson: the central bank will not create long-term growth by buying sovereign bonds
16.02.2015 Estonian residents are travelling more than before, but for shorter times
13.02.2015 Available labour resources are in ever-shorter supply
12.02.2015 The need for corporate credit increased somewhat in 2014
11.02.2015 Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank
11.02.2015 The economy grew in the fourth quarter despite the weakness in the external environment
10.02.2015 Lithuanian litas can still be exchanged for euros in Eesti Pank for three more weeks
06.02.2015 The sharp fall in energy prices deepened deflation
03.02.2015 Eesti Pank puts Maardu manor house up for sale for two million euros
27.01.2015 More and more express transfers are being made in Estonia
26.01.2015 The housing loan portfolio grew by 2.8% in 2014
22.01.2015 The use of debt capital for financing by companies has increased somewhat
21.01.2015 The design competition for the collector coin dedicated to Eduard Vilde is won by Mait Luidalepp
12.01.2015 Exhibition of Lithuanian Money opens at the Eesti Pank Museum
08.01.2015 The price level in Estonia fell last year
02.01.2015 Lithuanian Litas can be exchanged for euros in Eesti Pank until the end of February