Working Papers of Eesti Pank 2/2017 This paper investigates the mutual dependence between housing prices and housing credit in Estonia, a country which experienced rapid debt accumulation during the 2000s and big swings in house prices during that period. We use Bayesian econometric methods... more

Senior Economist
Phone: +(00) 372 668 0645
E-mail: Juan.Carlos.Cuestas [at] eestipank.ee

Research interests:

  • International finance
  • European integration
  • Unemployment
  • Sovereign debt
  • Applied macroeconomics
  • ... more
Working Papers of Eesti Pank 2/2016 The aim of this paper is to analyse empirically whether the level of institutional quality influences how financial development affects poverty for a sample of developing countries covering the period from 1984 to 2012. Using an interaction... more
This paper examines the empirical validity of the hypothesis of uncovered interest parity (UIP) using data from five Central and Eastern European countries with floating exchange rates for the period 2003–2014. The analysis includes forward-looking as well as static... more
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