26.10.2016 The risks to the financial sector in Estonia are small in the near future
  • Faster loan growth could increase the risks to banks from real estate
  • Although corporate profits were down, the ability of companies and households to repay their loans remains good
  • The ...
25.10.2016 The net profit of the banks was boosted in the third quarter by interest income
  • Households are taking ever larger amounts in housing loans and car leases
  • The deposits of companies and households were up 8% over the year
  • The net profits of the banks grew ...
24.10.2016 The IMF is concerned about productivity growth in Estonia

The IMF has concluded their annual official staff visit (or ‘mission’) to Estonia. The mission team commended the country’s economic policy and reform plans, but expressed concerns about weak ...

21.10.2016 The labour market marches to a different drum to the rest of the economy
  • Growth in employment slowed in the first half of 2016, though it was still faster than forecast
  • Employment in the industrial sector was down slightly, but it was up in services
  • Growth ...
18.10.2016 The share of domestic bank loans in corporate financing increased
  • Corporate debt liabilities remained at the same level as last year despite the rapid growth in bank loans
  • The income and savings of households are still increasing faster than their debt ...