Organisational values of Eesti Pank


  • We keep ourselves informed on our long-term goals and follow them in our activities
  • The messages we communicate are clear and understandable
  • Our employees have the best qualification and a broad basis of knowledge
  • We value self-education, individual development and we learn from the best
  • The sharing of employee skills and knowledge is skilfully organised
  • We are committed to fulfilling our main goals and we are prudent in our activities


  • We are flexible and innovative
  • We engage the necessary expertise and make contributions where relevant
  • We act in good will and trust each other
  • We work as a team


  • We are loyal to our organisation and committed to our work
  • Our words match with our deeds
  • We are candid and self-critical
  • We are consistent


  • We keep each other informed in regard with our work and give feedback
  • We give recognition to good employees
  • We have consideration for others and we are helpful and obliging