April 2013
Date Contact
04.04.2013 Eesti Pank conveys the ECB's monetary policy decisions press@eestipank.ee
04.04.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the meeting of the Governing Council of the ECB press@eestipank.ee
05.04.2013 Eesti Pank on monthly inflation in March 2013 press@eestipank.ee
05.04.2013 Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik’s interview on economic policy to the Le Monde press@eestipank.ee
09.04.2013 Presentation by Peeter Luikmel to the students of Rakvere Secondary School muuseum@eestipank.ee
10.04.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson meets with the Italian ambassador Marco Clemente press@eestipank.ee
10.04.2013 Lecture to cash handlers at the Eesti Pank Museum press@eestipank.ee
12.04.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the informal ECOFIN Council meeting in Dublin press@eestipank.ee
15.04.2013 Labour Market Review 1/2013 press@eestipank.ee
17.04.2013 - 11:00 Public lecture. Presentation of the Labour Market Review muuseum@eestipank.ee
18.04.2013 Statement on the Financial Account for the 4th quarter 2012 press@eestipank.ee
18.04.2013 - 10:00 Public lecture: Mārtiņš Bitāns "Latvian economy: challenges of the recent austerity programme and of acceding to the euro area" muuseum@eestipank.ee
22.04.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson and Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik meet with Mr Roger Gifford, Lord Mayor of London press@eestipank.ee
22.04.2013 Deputy Governor Madis Müller participates in panel discussion at a seminar organised by Finance Estonia press@eestipank.ee
23.04.2013 Presentation by Rainer Olt at a seminar organised by the Estonian Traders Association press@eestipank.ee
23.04.2013 Statement on Banking Sector Statistics for March press@eestipank.ee
24.04.2013 Publication of settlement statistics (March) and statement on the payment environment (Q1 2013) press@eestipank.ee
24.04.2013 - 11:00 Press conference: presentation of the Financial Stability Review press@eestipank.ee
25.04.2013 Presentation by Ardo Hansson at the conference organised by the Association of Estonian Food Industry press@eestipank.ee