December 2013
Date Contact
03.12.2013 Lecture on the security features of euro banknotes for Estonian Air flight attendants
05.12.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson is participating in a meeting of the Governing Council of the ECB
05.12.2013 Ülo Kaasik is taking part in a panel discussion of the Finance Estonia Forum
05.12.2013 Deputy Governor Madis Müller is engaging in a panel discussion on banking as part of a conference organised by the Estonian Competition Authority
05.12.2013 Eesti Pank conveys the ECB's monetary policy decisions
06.12.2013 Eesti Pank on monthly inflation in November 2013
09.12.2013 Eesti Pank on Q3/2013 preliminary balance of payments and international investment position statistics
10.12.2013 Ardo Hansson attends the award ceremony for the Nobel Prize in Economics
12.12.2013 - 11:00 Press conference: Eesti Pank economic policy statement & forecast
13.12.2013 Conference „Nordic-Baltic Financial Linkages and Challenges”
17.12.2013 Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank
18.12.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the meeting of the Governing Council of the ECB
19.12.2013 Deputy Governor Madis Müller attends the meeting of the European Council in Brussels
19.12.2013 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the meetings of the General Council of the ECB
27.12.2013 Statement on banking sector statistics for November 2013