November 2016
Date Contact
01.11.2016 Deputy Governor Madis Müller attends a discussion circle at the savings and loan associations and cooperative banking conference
02.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson attends a meeting of the Governing Council of the ECB
04.11.2016 Data on bond purchases made under the asset purchase programme in October 2016 published in Twitter and on the Eesti Pank website
06.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the governors’ meeting of the Bank for International Settlements
07.11.2016 Eesti Pank on monthly inflation in October 2016
09.11.2016 Statement on international travel statistics (Q3 2016)
10.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson gives the opening address at the 2016 International Real Estate Conference
11.11.2016 Statement on the flash estimate of economic growth (Q3 2016)
14.11.2016 Statement on employment and unemployment indicators (Q3 2016)
21.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson and Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik meet representatives from the Finance Committee of Riigikogu to talk about fiscal balance, economy and financial stability
23.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson introduces the tasks of the central bank to the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction of Riigikogu
23.11.2016 Statement on banking sector statistics for October 2016
24.11.2016 Statement on average wages (Q3 2016)
30.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson participates in a panel discussion at a joint seminar
30.11.2016 Governor Ardo Hansson speaks about the state and outlook of Estonian economy at the Estonian Managers’ Day
30.11.2016 Deputy Governor Madis Müller participates in a panel discussion at the Economic Security Conference