January 2019
Date Contact
07.01.2019 Governor Ardo Hansson speaks at the high-level conference Five Years with the Euro, organised in Riga by the European Commission with the support of its Representation in Latvia press@eestipank.ee
08.01.2019 Data on bond purchases made under the asset purchase programme in December 2018 press@eestipank.ee
08.01.2019 Eesti Pank on monthly inflation in December 2018 press@eestipank.ee
10.01.2019 Ülo Kaasik. Meeting with the media (Tallinn) press@eestipank.ee
14.01.2019 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the BIS meeting for central bank governors (Basel) press@eestipank.ee
14.01.2019 Flash estimate on the balance of payments in November 2018 press@eestipank.ee
15.01.2019 Quarterly statement on main financial account statistics (Q3 2018) press@eestipank.ee
16.01.2019 A. Hansson, Ü. Kaasik, M. Müller. Meeting of Eesti Pank management with the heads of the Estonian Banking Association to discuss the organisation of banking (Eesti Pank) press@eestipank.ee
17.01.2019 Governor Ardo Hansson attends the discussion “The Future of the Estonian Pension System – Tear It Down or Build It Up?” organised by FinanceEstonia (Tallinn) press@eestipank.ee
18.01.2019 - 15:30 Collector Kaupo Laan’s display of Estonian token coins from the 19th and early 20th century muuseum@eestipank.ee
23.01.2019 Governor Ardo Hansson and Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik attend a meeting of the Governing Council of the ECB (Frankfurt) press@eestipank.ee
24.01.2019 Statement on banking sector statistics for December 2018 press@eestipank.ee
24.01.2019 Madis Müller. Meeting with the media (Tallinn) press@eestipank.ee
25.01.2019 Statement on the payments environment in Q4 2018 press@eestipank.ee
25.01.2019 - 10:30 Open seminar „Income effects and the cyclicality of job search effort“ press@eestipank.ee
29.01.2019 A. Hansson, Ü. Kaasik, M. Müller. Meeting of the Eesti Pank Supervisory Board (Tallinn) press@eestipank.ee
30.01.2019 M. Müller. Meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Guarantee Fund (Tallinn) press@eestipank.ee
31.01.2019 Ü. Kaasik. Presentation to the annual conference of the Estonian Economic Association on the current state of the Estonian economy (Pühajärve) press@eestipank.ee
31.01.2019 A. Hansson. Meeting with the First Deputy Managing Director of the IMF David Lipton, Deputy Director of the European Department Mahmood Pradhan, and Head of Mission for Estonia Cheikh Anta Gueye (Washingon) press@eestipank.ee