June 2021
Date Contact
01.06.2021 Deputy Governor Veiko Tali participates in the ECB’s meeting on CBDC
03.06.2021 At 10 o’clock, Governor Madis Müller gives an opening speech at the EUFIN2021 conference
03.06.2021 At 10:40, Governor Madis Müller introduces the central bank’s annual report to the parliament
07.06.2021 Eesti Pank on May inflation
08.06.2021 Eesti Pank Governor Madis Müller speaks about the Estonian banking and economic situation at the Pärnu Finance Conference
09.06.2021 Eesti Pank Governor Madis Müller and Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik participate in the meeting of the Governing Council of the ECB
09.06.2021 Deputy Governor Veiko Tali and experts and Head of Payment and Settlement Systems Department Rainer Olt participate in the virtual meeting of the Estonian Payment Forum
09.06.2021 - 08:00 STATISTICAL RELEASE on the balance of payments and on the data for Q1 2021
10.06.2021 Deputy Governor Veiko Tali participates in the meeting of the Statistical Council
14.06.2021 Members of the Executive Board meet with the Minister of Finance
14.06.2021 - 08:00 STATISTICAL RELEASE. Balance of payments flash estimate for April
15.06.2021 Regular meeting of the Supervisory Board
16.06.2021 Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik takes part in the meeting of the OSKA Coordination Council
16.06.2021 Governor Madis Müller speaks at the VIII World Congress of the Finno-Ugric Peoples to introduce the 2-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the Fenno-Ugric Peoples
16.06.2021 Deputy Governor Veiko Tali participates in the meeting of the Government Committee for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
16.06.2021 Eesti Pank’s economist Kaspar Oja speaks at the general meeting of the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies
16.06.2021 - 10:00 PRESS CONFERENCE. Eesti Pank economic policy statement & forecast press@eestipank.ee
29.06.2021 - 08:00 STATISTICAL RELEASE: Statistics on credit institutions and leasing companies for May 2021