Eesti Pank has been issuing collector coins* since 1992 to note events, places or historical days that are of particular importance to the Estonian state or society. Since Estonia joined the euro area, Eesti Pank has had the right to mint two commemorative coins** a year alongside the collector coins. The way we have collected ideas for collector coins and commemorative coins before now has been a little random and we have not gathered ideas for coins in a consistent way. We are aware that there is a lot of public interest in suggesting ideas, and so we are setting up a way for people to submit proposals for designs of collector and commemorative coins through a form on the Eesti Pank website.

The ideas and proposals that we receive will be assessed by the Eesti Pank advisory commission responsible for ideas for the coins. The job of the committee is to analyse the ideas that have been submitted and give its expert opinion on the major events, dates and people that might be worthy of appearing on a collector coin or a specially-designed commemorative coin in the coming years.

Please submit suggestions by 15 August for coins that will be released in the following year.

*Collector coins are minted from precious metals to celebrate very important people and events. Collector coins are not intended to be released into circulation and they can be used as legal tender only in the country that issued them. The selling price of collector coins minted from precious metal usually exceeds their nominal value.

**2-euro commemorative coins are circulating currency where the usual national side of the member state is replaced with a special design to commemorate a particular significant national or European event or topic.