Raoul Lättemäe

  • coordinates the Bank's international communication;
  • coordinates the public relations and responds to all enquiries addressed to the Bank;
  • communicates with the press, publishes opinion articles and press releases, and coordinates the public presentations of the Bank's management;
  • compiles, translates and publishes the Bank's publications;
  • coordinates the work of the Eesti Pank Museum.

The Head of the International and Public Relations Department is Raoul Lättemäe and besides him there are 22 employees in the department.

The International and Public Relations Department has three divisions.

The International Relations and Economic Policy Coordination Division coordinates the national and international communication of the Executive Board and organises their meetings and public appearances both in Estonia and abroad; represents Eesti Pank and, if necessary, also Estonia at official meetings in EU and other international institutions; and coordinates the formation of the Bank's standpoints. The Head of Division is Evelin Tamla and besides her six more specialists work in that division.

The Public Relations Division coordinates the public relations and the public appearances of the Bank's Executive Board and other public speakers; communicates with the press; organises press events; prepares and forwards the Bank's press releases; forwards the European Central Bank's press releases; organises exhibitions; administers the Bank's website; responds to requests for information; and coordinates and develops the Eesti Pank Museum. The Head of Division is Viljar Rääsk and besides him six more specialists in that division.

The Language Services and Publications Division coordinates the compilation, editing, translating and publishing of the Bank's publications; translates and edits the Bank's official texts and harmonises the use of terminology; coordinates the preparation and publication of the European Central Bank's publications in Estonian. The Head of Division is Villu Känd and besides him five more specialists in that division.