Collector coins are minted from precious metals with the aim of celebrating very important persons and events. Collector coins are not intended for circulation and they are legal tender only in the country that has issued them. As a rule, the selling price of collector coins minted from precious metal exceeds the nominal value.

Users must be able to easily distinguish between collector coins and circulation coins. Collector coins must comply with the established requirements.

  • The nominal value of collector coins must differ from the nominal value of circulation coins.
  • The design of collector coins must not resemble the common side of euro circulation coins. Where the design resembles the national side of a euro circulation coin, users must be able to easily distinguish between the collector coin and the circulation coin.
  • The colour, diameter and weight of collector must significantly differ from circulation coins by at least two or three features.
  • The edge of collector coins must not be milled, or come in the Spanish flower shape.

The numismatic-bonistic products are on sale in the Eesti Pank Museum Shop. Visit the Museum Shop website for price and product information.

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In addition to the Eesti Pank Museum Shop, the numismatic-bonistic products can also be purchased from the E-shop of Estonian Post. Estonian Post is the official reseller of Eesti Pank’s numismatic-bonistic products. You can place E-shop orders via the bank link (Swedbank, SEB), with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or by invoice. Ordered products will be posted after receipt of payment by Estonian Post.

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