28.12.2018 More housing loans were taken in November than a year earlier
27.12.2018 Excluding cash costs, the budget of the central bank will increase by 5%
19.12.2018 The fall in competitiveness in the economy points to trouble ahead
14.12.2018 The surplus on the current account in October was the largest this year
12.12.2018 Eesti Pank is holding two simultaneous competitions to design commemorative coins
07.12.2018 Inflation has passed its peak
06.12.2018 The goods deficit widens as export growth slows
06.12.2018 Turnover of exports and imports of services remained at record levels in the third quarter
30.11.2018 The new TIPS system will make instant payments more affordable for smaller banks
30.11.2018 Faster growth in the Estonian economy is an exception in the wider perspective
29.11.2018 Workers coming from abroad help to ease labour shortages
23.11.2018 Deposits continue to grow faster than loans
14.11.2018 New jobs could be created in Ida-Virumaa
13.11.2018 A new record has been set in the labour market
13.11.2018 The current account surplus was smaller in September than a year ago
12.11.2018 Over 100,000 payments between banks will move each day within seconds
08.11.2018 Although the summer was warm, Estonian residents travelled more to foreign countries
07.11.2018 Rising prices for services have started to push prices up strongly
06.11.2018 Eesti Pank is calling for designs for a commemorative coin dedicated to the University of Tartu
05.11.2018 The European Central Bank has bought Estonian works of art
31.10.2018 Weaker relations between the Estonian financial sector and the Nordic countries brings new types of risks
25.10.2018 Labour shortages remain dominant in the labour market
24.10.2018 One card payment in ten is contactless
23.10.2018 The housing loan market is moderating its speed
22.10.2018 Exceptional release of cross-border payments made by banks in Estonia
18.10.2018 Companies have started to borrow more
16.10.2018 Eesti Pank research awards go to Tarmo Puolokainen, Janely Põllumägi and Mykola Herasymovych
15.10.2018 The surplus on the goods and services account in August was the largest this year
10.10.2018 Estonia to attend the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
05.10.2018 Amounts of money transferred cross-border through Estonian banks
05.10.2018 Inflation is staying high this year
04.10.2018 Ardo Hansson: there are no rocky reefs on the horizon, but the tailwind behind the economy is fading
03.10.2018 Bloomberg has mistaken cross-border payments for non-resident flows
28.09.2018 Estonia’s foreign trade continued to grow strongly in 2017
25.09.2018 The value of car leases taken is up one fifth on a year ago
13.09.2018 The turnover of goods and services grew strongly in July
07.09.2018 Price growth will not be slowing down this year
06.09.2018 The current account was back in balance over the half year
06.09.2018 Growth in exports of services brought the current account back into surplus
31.08.2018 Using the budget to stimulate the economy was a mistake
28.08.2018 Slower growth in wages may prove temporary
24.08.2018 Households continued to borrow enthusiastically in July
14.08.2018 The labour market remains favourable for employees
10.08.2018 The surplus on the current account in June was the largest this year
08.08.2018 Foreign tourists spent 415 million euros in Estonia in the second quarter of the year
07.08.2018 Inflation was affected substantially in July by higher prices for motor fuels and electricity
25.07.2018 Estonians are making more card payments in Latvia
24.07.2018 Bank profits decreased somewhat in the second quarter
19.07.2018 The moderate growth of corporate debt reflects the modest level of investment
16.07.2018 The central bank is releasing new 2018 circulating euro coins
16.07.2018 Estonia continued to be active in foreign trade in May
06.07.2018 The price level rose by almost one per cent in a month
28.06.2018 The collector coin dedicated to Johann Voldemar Jannsen will use the design of Heino Prunsvelt
28.06.2018 Eesti Pank celebrates its centenary with an exhibition of Estonian art in Frankfurt
26.06.2018 The Estonian economy is moving from very good times into just good times
25.06.2018 May was an active month for borrowing
19.06.2018 Madis Müller: there is great demand in Estonia for faster payments
13.06.2018 The current account returned to surplus in April 2018
07.06.2018 The current account reflects a large trade deficit
07.06.2018 Prices for motor fuels lifted CPI inflation in May
06.06.2018 Growth in the trade deficit led the current account a short way into negative territory
31.05.2018 Competitiveness concerns looming for Estonian economy
29.05.2018 Growth in net wages leapt sharply
24.05.2018 Household borrowing remains large
17.05.2018 Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank
15.05.2018 The higher unemployment figure does not mean a deterioration in the economy
14.05.2018 The current account was in deficit in March 2018
08.05.2018 Yearly inflation remained close to three per cent in April
08.05.2018 The number of same day visits from Finland was the lowest of recent years
26.04.2018 A cooling of growth in the Estonian economy is to be expected
25.04.2018 Estonia stands out in Europe for its use of bankcards
24.04.2018 The profits of the banks were down in the first quarter after a change in the income tax regime
20.04.2018 Corporate debt shrank in 2017 and that of households increased
17.04.2018 The central bank requires additional capital buffers from two banks
13.04.2018 The economy was driven on by increased employment
13.04.2018 The current account surplus was smaller in February than a year ago
12.04.2018 Lecture by Ardo Hansson on the direct and indirect effects of euro area monetary policy
12.04.2018 Sustained economic success demands investment
11.04.2018 Eesti Pank announces a competition to design a collector coin for Johann Voldemar Jannsen
06.04.2018 Inflation fell further in March
06.04.2018 The design by the Polish artist Sebastian Mikolajczak will be used for the collector coin dedicated to Jaan Tõnisson
06.04.2018 Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank
06.04.2018 Eesti Pank allocated a quarter of last year’s profit to the state budget
28.03.2018 Last year was the most successful since the economic crisis
26.03.2018 The closure of Versobank will have very little effect on the Estonian economy
23.03.2018 The yearly growth in the portfolio of loans and leases to households accelerated to 8% in February
22.03.2018 All card payment terminals will be able to handle contactless payments by 2020
19.03.2018 The IMF recommends the government postpone a part of its planned spending
19.03.2018 Republic of Estonia: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2018 Article IV Mission
16.03.2018 The Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank is to continue the current strategy of profit distribution
16.03.2018 The current account was close to balance in January 2018
10.03.2018 The drawing competition for the two-euro coin dedicated to the Song Celebration was won by a girl from Tõrva
08.03.2018 2017 was a good year for exports
08.03.2018 The external balance of the Estonian economy deteriorated in 2017
07.03.2018 The yearly growth in consumer prices slowed further in February
01.03.2018 The labour market would gain from the faster removal of barriers to participation
28.02.2018 The economy is in unusually good shape
27.02.2018 Some 6000 people have already nominated their favourite design in the public vote for the Song Celebration coin, which has just a few days left to run
23.02.2018 The borrowing activity of Estonian companies and households remained strong in January
20.02.2018 Eesti Pank received 750 visitors yesterday
14.02.2018 The labour market remains favourable for employees
14.02.2018 Eesti Pank will present the gold and silver coins dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia in Narva on 21 February (SOLD OUT)
13.02.2018 The central bank is opening its doors for the presentation of the two-euro coin dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia
13.02.2018 Transactions on the financial account set the tone for the balance of payments in December 2017
12.02.2018 The public vote started today to find a design for the two-euro coin dedicated to the song celebration
08.02.2018 Estonian residents are travelling more and more
07.02.2018 Inflation is being held up by a rising oil price and increases in excise
31.01.2018 Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank
25.01.2018 Card transactions are driving the growth in the number of payments
25.01.2018 A two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the centenary of the Baltic states will enter circulation on 31 January
24.01.2018 The profits of the banking sector were supported in 2017 by growth in the loan portfolio and by the good quality of it
22.01.2018 Households borrowed more than previously from the banks and less from elsewhere
18.01.2018 Ending the use of code cards will make bank transactions more secure
17.01.2018 It is time to talk about reducing the use of one and two-cent coins
15.01.2018 The current account surplus was boosted by services in November 2017
08.01.2018 Price pressures eased off in December
04.01.2018 Collector coins and stamps for the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang will go on sale in the museum of Eesti Pank on 12 January
02.01.2018 Coins can be ordered from the new online shop for delivery to a parcel machine or by courier