The Board of Eesti Pank chose the candidate for the Governor

At today's Board meeting, Mart Opmann got the majority of votes and thus was chosen for the candidate of the Governor of Eesti Pank.

Earlier both candidates for the post of the Governor, Kalev Kukk and Mart Opmann, had presented their views on monetary and banking policy as well as central bank governance. Both candidates presented a most professional assessment and analysis of the situation. The well thought-out answers to the questions of the Board and the self-assessment of the candidates made it possible for the Board to presume that both candidates would be able to meet the responsibilities of the Governor of Eesti Pank.

Today Mart Sõrg, the Chairman of the Board of Eesti Pank, will sign the Board's proposal to the President of the Republic to nominate Mart Opmann for the Governor of Eesti Pank for five years.