Eesti Pank issued a new two-euro coin into circulation dedicated to the centenary of the first Estonian language university

A two-euro commemorative coin and a postage stamp dedicated to the centenary of the first Estonian language university were presented today in the museum of the University of Tartu.

The University of Tartu was opened as an Estonian language university in the early days of the Republic of Estonia, laying the foundation for higher education in Estonian, quickly raising an educated Estonian society, and making an immeasurable contribution to the development of the Estonian state, society and culture. As 100 years have now passed since this important event, Eesti Pank has had one million two-euro circulation coins with a special design minted, of which 17,500 are of high quality BU finish (brilliant uncirculated) and sold on a coin card.

“There is something familiar that we might recognise in today’s event, as this is now the third coin dedicated to the University of Tartu that Eesti Pank has released. Almost 87 years ago, in 1932, Eesti Pank first issued a coin for the University of Tartu. The two-kroon coin was intended to circulate, but proved so popular that people kept it as a souvenir rather than spending it”, said Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller at the presentation of the new coin.

“The main building of the university was also represented on a ten-kroon collector coin issued 17 years ago in 2002 for the anniversaries of the founding and the re-opening of the university. Today we have another very good reason to present the University of Tartu and its academic society with a brand new coin and our congratulations as we mark the centenary of the first Estonian language university”, he added.

A postage stamp dedicated to the Estonian language university was put on sale at the same event by Omniva. Both the coin and the stamp were designed by the artist Indrek Ilves, who is best known for designing postage stamps.

The two-euro coin for the University of Tartu and the coin card went on sale from midday today in the Omniva online shop and from the Eesti Pank museum shop at Estonia pst 11, Tallinn. Of the 17,500 coin cards, 7500 will go on public sale and 10,000 will go to the University of Tartu. The presentation card costs ten euros and up to five can be bought at once. The coin cards cannot be booked in advance.

Eesti Pank will send up to one fifth of the coins to retailers as needed, and has worked with G4S to release them to retailers in Tartu on the day of issue.

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