Eesti Pank to open exhibition about gold received with Tartu Peace Treaty

On Wednesday, March 31, at 11.00, the museum of Eesti Pank opens a new exhibition about the transportation of 15 million gold roubles from Jamburg to Narva promised to the Republic of Estonia by Russia with the Tartu Peace Treaty.

In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of signing the Tartu Peace Treaty, the Museum of Eesti Pank and Pärnu Museum have prepared the exhibition "Gold Loads of Freedom". The anniversary exhibition provides an overview of how the 15 million gold roubles promised to Estonia by Russia reached from Jamburg to Narva, where they were loaded on a train to Tallinn and transported to Eesti Pank.

On 15 March 1920, the gold, packed in cartridge boxes, was brought from the Jamburg railway terminal in Soviet Russia to the eastern terminal of Estonia in the village of Komarovka by men from the 9th regiment formed in Pärnumaa under the leadership of Lieutenant Jüri Kibbar. On the Estonian territory, the gold was escorted by the members of the people's army of the 9th regiment's drill company under Lieutenant Mühlbach.

The exposition is based on the memoires and photos of Lieutenant Jüri Kibbar. The exhibition is illustrated by pictures taken by the photographer of the 9th regiment August Tamm and the brothers Parikas.

The exhibition was compiled by Aldur Vunk and designed by Jasper Zoova from Pärnu museum. The exhibition catalogue was designed by Urmas Raidma from Eesti Pank. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, the Estonian General Staff of Defence Forces, the Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner Museum and the National Defence League General Staff.

The exposition will remain open in Eesti Pank's museum until 30 April 2010. Thereafter the exposition will be displayed from 3-21 May within the large-scale drill Spring Storm 2010 and from 1 June to 1 July in the Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner museum.

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