Eesti Pank posts euro cash leaflets to residents

From today, November 22, until the end of the week, Eesti Pank and the European Central Bank organise direct mailing of euro cash information leaflets to Estonian households. The objective of the publication is to introduce to Estonia's residents the security features of euro banknotes. In addition, Estonia's major TV channels start airing spots of the same content and with the same objective.

Each publication delivered to the mailboxes of households contains also two plastic conversion cards. One side of the card introduces the principal security features of banknotes and the other contains prices in the kroon and in the euro. The hologram cards show changing images and amounts when tilted. The cards are the size of bank cards, which makes it convenient to carry them along and use as an aid in day-to-day cash transactions. For further information about the cards, click here.

In addition, today is also the day when major TV channels receive four spots on euro banknotes. The spots as well as the entire euro cash mass media campaign are centred around the mythical princess Europa stepping out of history into the modern day. Europa is portrayed by the Estonian model Claudia Meriküla. Europa is also on the cover of the information leaflet. For further information on the TV spots click here.

The direct mailing process, which lies in delivering the leaflet to 561,000 addressees, is carried out by Eesti Post. The leaflets are in Estonian. In such local governments and city districts where, according to the population register, more than half of the residents are Russian-speaking, households receive two leaflets, but only the Estonian-language one contains conversion cards.

In addition to descriptions of the design and security features of euro cash, the leaflets also include addresses by the Governor of Eesti Pank and President of the European Central Bank, which point out some key practical aspects of the adoption of the euro. The publication also covers euro coins.

The direct mailing campaign lasts from 22 to 27 November. If the leaflet does not reach your mailbox, please contact the nearest post office. Conversion cards are also available at post offices.

Facts about Eesti Pank's direct mailing campaign
The following local governments receive also Russian-language leaflets: Sillamäe, Narva, Peipsiääre rural municipality, Aseri rural municipality, Piirissaare rural municipality, Narva-Jõesuu, Alajõe rural municipality, Kallaste, Kohtla-Järve, Maardu, Vaivara rural municipality, Kiviõli, Loksa, Mustvee, Jõhvi rural municipality, Kasepää rural municipality and Paldiski. In Tallinn, all addressees in Haabersti, Northern Tallinn and Lasnamäe districts receive the leaflets in two languages.

The contents of the info leaflet in three languages are available here.

Publications introducing euro cash, as well as other euro information materials are also available at Euro Direct info desks, bank offices and local government offices.

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