Eesti Pank stopped the publication of TALIBOR and TALIBID

Due to the adoption of the euro from 1 January 2011, Eesti Pank stops publishing TALIBOR and TALIBID from 30 December 2010. Since TALIBOR and TALIBID are fixed for transactions two days in advance (T+2), the last day of fixation was 29 December.
EURIBOR fixings are available at

From 1 January 2011, Eesti Pank will also no longer fix daily exchange rates. Euro foreign exchange reference rates are fixed by the European Central Bank (ECB). It is possible to download the most recent rates from the home page of the ECB. Further information on euro exchange rates is available here.

Time series of daily Talibor/Talibid quotations are available at and Eesti kroon daily fixings at