Winning design of the Estonian euro coins competition disclosed

Today Governor of Eesti Pank, Vahur Kraft, disclosed the winner of the competition for the design of the national side of Estonian euro coins. The winning design is called Hara 2 by author Lembit Lõhmus and received 12,482 votes.

The design depicts contours of Estonian map and a word "Eesti" which means "Estonia". "There are only a few countries in Europe that have such an attractive and memorable contour like Estonia. The symbol is easy to remember," described the author his work.

"We thank all the people, who actively expressed their opinion, and also all the authors, who submitted their designs to the competition. I am sure the competition raised people's consciousness about the euro and generated a wider interest in matters related to the single currency," said Vahur Kraft, Governor of Eesti Pank and Chairman of the Panel.

The designs received votes as follows:

1.    Nr 4 - Hara 2 (Lembit Lõhmus) 12,482 27.46%
2.    Nr 1 - Järjepidevus (Tiit Jürna) 7,477 16.45%
3.    Nr 10 - In Corpore (Jaan Meristo) 7,284 16.03%
4.    Nr 8 - Tomson 5791 (Taavi Torim) 6,219 13.68%
5.    Nr 7 - Eesti keel (Jaak Peep, Villem Valme - TANK) 5,997 13.19%
6.    Nr 5 - 261948 (Villu Järmut, Mai Järmut) 3,036 6.68%
7.    Nr 2 - Linnutee (Tiit Jürna) 1,323 2.91%
8.    Nr 3 - Leopardid-2 (Jaano Ester) 759 1.67%
9.    Nr 9 - Nova (Rene Haljasmäe) 498 1.10%
10.    Nr 6 - Lill rukkis (Margus Kadarik) 378 0.83%
     TOTAL 45,453 100.00%

The ten best designs selected by the panel of experts were submitted to the national telephone vote that lasted for one week and in the course of which 45,453 votes were cast. The competition was announced in June, and by the deadline, 19 October, 134 designs were submitted.

The results of the telephone vote were confirmed by the panel summoned by Eesti Pank. At the beginning of November the panel also selected the ten best designs that proceeded to the national vote.

According to the terms of the competition, the authors of the ten best designs selected by the Panel will be paid remuneration in the amount of EEK 20,000 (€ 1,278). The award for the winning design is EEK 50,000 (€ 3,196).

Estonian government and the central bank are of the opinion that Estonia must be technically prepared to adopt the euro in the middle of 2006. Changeover to the new currency is likely to happen on 1 January 2007.

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