8/2017 Natalia Levenko, Kaspar Oja and Karsten Staehr. Total Factor Productivity Growth in Central and Eastern Europe before, during and after the Global Financial Crisis

Working Papers of Eesti Pank 8/2017

This paper conducts growth accounting for 11 EU countries from Central and Eastern Europe for the years 1996–2016. Its contributions include the estimation of new capital stock series, adjustment for the utilisation of the capital stock and a time-varying elasticity of output to capital. Before the crisis, growth in total factor productivity (TFP) was the main contributor to output growth in Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia, while capital deepening was more important in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Poland. During the global financial crisis the contributions of TFP and capital growth differed markedly across the countries, reflecting the very diverse dynamics of the crisis. After the crisis the contribution of TFP growth has been negligible in all of the sample countries coinciding with generally weak output growth. The results are generally robust to changes in estimation methods and parametrisations, but some assumptions are critical for the results.

JEL Codes: F43, O47

Keywords: growth accounting, capital stock, perpetual inventory method, total factor productivity, global financial crisis, Central and Eastern Europe 

DOI: 10.23656/25045520/82017/0147

Corresponding author’s e-mail address: natalia.levenko [at] ttu.ee

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