Research fields Subfields Ongoing research in 2017
Development of models
  • Macroeconomic models
  • Banking sector models
  • Short-term forecasting models
  • Banking sector model for stress tests of systemic risks
  • Credit risk and profitability model of the Estonian banking sector (CRM)
Monetary policy
  • Monetary policy transmission
  • Inflation
  • Interaction of fiscal and monetary policy
  • The impact of the costs of various sources of funding on companies´ investments in the euro area
  • Modelling inflation expectations in the framework of the Phillips equation
  • Equilibrium real interest rate
Financial sector
  • Macro-prudential supervision
  • Structure of the financial sector and financing of the economy
  • Financial behaviour of companies and households
  • Financial markets 
  • Research in the framework of Household Finance and Consumption Network
  • Calibration of the countercyclical capital buffer on the basis of credit growth
  • Evaluation of household sector financial stability on the basis of microsimulation
Real economy
  • Structure and efficiency of labour and product markets
  • Competitiveness
  • Business cycle analysis
  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Research in the framework of Wage Dynamics Network
  • Modelling the competitiveness of Estonian exports