Research plan

Research fields


   Ongoing research in 2022

Development of models

Macroeconomic models

Banking sector models

Short-term forecasting models

Development of the credit risk and profitability model of Estonian banking sector

Development of the Bank of Estonia DSGE model

Monetary policy

Monetary policy transmission


Interaction of fiscal and monetary policy

The price- and wage-setting survey of Estonian enterprises

The impact channels of the Asset Purchase Programmes in the euro area countries

ECB WGEM-WGF Macro-at-risk ([email protected])  Expert Group

Financial sector

Macro-prudential supervision

Structure of the financial sector and financing of the economy

Financial behaviour of companies and households

Financial markets 

The impact of borrower-based policy regulations on the loan growth

Research in the framework of Household Finance and Consumption Network

Real economy

Structure and efficiency of labour and product markets


Business cycle analysis

Fiscal sustainability

The structure of economy and productivity

The effect of Covid-19 crisis on trade in the Baltic countries