An exhibition of paper scrip money of the 19th and 20th centuries in Estonia will open at 11.00 on 12 April at the Eesti Pank Museum at Estonia pst 11.

The third exhibition in the series on the treasures of Estonian money collectors, dedicated to the centenary of Eesti Pank, features the... more


The Art of Money exhibition dedicated to the centenary of Eesti Pank proved very popular with school-age youngsters and more than 800 schoolchildren from across Estonia came to the Mikkel Museum to see it.

Loore Sundja, the educational curator of the exhibition, said that the children... more


The series of exhibitions of the treasures of Estonian coin collectors dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Eesti Pank will open officially in the Eesti Pank museum at Estonia pst 11 on Friday 18 January at 15.30. The first exhibition of tsarist era scrip coins or token coins displays the... more


An exhibition of contemporary Estonian art has been opened in the foyer of the European Central Bank and will remain there until 26 October. The exhibition is part of the celebrations of the centenary of Eesti Pank.

The exhibition will be open for three months to staff and visitors of... more

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