People in Estonia mainly use bank channels to make their payments. The main means of payment used in Estonia are:

  • Card payments, where payment is initiated with the payment card at a point-of-sale terminal. The card payment is a simple, fast and secure method of payment for both the... more

How many of us still remember the days when you actually had to go to a bank or to the electricity company to pay your electricity bill? Or when you could only pay with cash in a shop? But in fact it was only 25 years ago. As technology has developed, so electronic banking has moved forward so... more

Tiina Soosalu Eesti Pank Payment and Settlement Systems Department

Estonian companies and residents made an average of 482,000 payments a day in the third quarter, and 87% of them were instant payments. The share of payments made in real time will increase further in the near... more

  • is involved in setting up and managing the payment and settlement systems of the ESCB
  • meets the liabilities that result from managing Eesti Pank’s financial assets and the Eurosystem’s monetary policy operations
  • manages and settles collateral assets submitted to Eesti... more
Tiina Soosalu Eesti Pank Payment and Settlement Systems Department

An average of 994,000 card payments were made with bank cards issued in Estonia in the second quarter, one quarter of them contactless payments. The spread of contactless payments has not led to any increase... more


Approval of TARGET2- Eesti rules
Accession Agreement to TARGET2-Eesti
Accession Agreement to TARGET2-Eesti Using Internet-Based Access
TARGET2 core pricing schema
TARGET2 closing days
TARGET2-compensation scheme-claim form
Terms and Conditions for the Opening and... more


Eesti Pank is responsible for promoting a secure and efficiently functioning payments market, which covers payment and settlement systems and methods of payment. How the payments market functions is important for

  • ensuring the stability of the economic and... more

At the initiative of the working group set up at the Estonian Payments Forum, the banks will soon be bringing new payment services to market. In the working group are Eesti Pank, the largest commercial banks, merchants and consumer representatives. By the end of 2019 at the latest it will be... more


The functioning of payment and settlement systems is important for maintaining the stability of the national economic and financial system, avoiding interruptions to the circulation of currency, and allowing monetary policy to be implemented smoothly. Private individuals, businesses and public... more


The three settlement services of the European System of Central Banks, TARGET2, TIPS and T2S, were brought together in 2018 under the single name TARGET Services. TARGET services are the financial infrastructure services developed and managed by the Eurosystem that allow pan-European money and... more

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