Interview with Ardo Hansson, Governor of Eesti Pank and Member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB)

Mr. Hansson, is inflation dead?

No, definitely not. Of course, we all face a certain puzzle: The economy in the euro area, for example, is currently... more


FRANKFURT — Eurozone countries should not get their hopes too high on ever-closer fiscal cooperation and a European finance ministry to help out countries in trouble, according to Ardo Hansson, head of the Bank of Estonia and a hawkish member of the European Central Bank governing council.... more


Speaking at the business conference Äriplaan 2018 on Thursday, Governor of Eesti Pank Ardo Hansson said that the growth in exports and investment in the first half of the year gave hope that the economy is coping with ever sharper labour shortages, but it will not be able to maintain the current... more


Frankfurt – Ardo Hansson, 58, has an explanation for why central bankers are often criticised publicly. “We have to communicate paradoxical messages”, says the Governor of the Estonian central bank, who also sits on the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB). He is referring to the... more


At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Eesti Pank Supervisory Board, Eesti Pank Governor Ardo Hansson gave board members a review of the state of the economy in the euro area.

The Supervisory Board discussed the internal audit of the bank and the work schedule for its meetings for next year... more


The IMF has concluded their annual official staff visit (or ‘mission’) to Estonia. The mission team commended the country’s economic policy and reform plans, but expressed concerns about weak productivity growth. They said Estonia will have to find ways to balance productivity and wage growth... more

Ardo Hansson Governor of Eesti Pank

The annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is being held in Washington this week, and the discussion will focus on the state of the global economy, the main obstacles to faster development, and economic policy... more


Governor of Eesti Pank Ardo Hansson and the Minister of Finance Sven Sester will attend the annual meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Development Committee of the World Bank on 7–9 October in Washington. The main... more


At the Äriplaan 2017 conference on Wednesday, Governor of Eesti Pank Ardo Hansson spoke of the increased share of labour-dependent sectors in the Estonian economy, which is also illustrated by the growth in wages in recent years. This means that the market is moving ever more decisively away... more


Governor of Eesti Pank Ardo Hansson told the Riigikogu on Tuesday that the Estonian government has acted correctly by keeping its budget in balance, as now is not the time from the economy’s perspective to increase spending significantly.

He explained that the central bank does not give... more

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