Eesti Pank will this week start to issue into circulation new two-cent and 20-cent circulation coins dated 2020 to cover the short-term demand from shops for these coins. Two million two-cent coins and 1.5 million 20-cent coins stamped with the year 2020 have been minted by the Lithuanian mint... more

Martti Näksi cash analyst at Eesti Pank

The central bank issued more than 316 million euros of banknotes into circulation in the second quarter of 2020 and 1.7 million euros of coins, while 178 million euros of banknotes were returned.

The net issuance of banknotes by... more


Euro cash has been in use since 2002 and is now used by more than 338 million people in 19 European countries. Since 1 January 2011, the euro has been the only legal tender in Estonia.

The other countries besides Estonia in the euro area are Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France,... more


The two-euro commemorative coin for the Finno-Ugric peoples will use a design by the artists Al Paldrok and Madis Põldsaar. The Eesti Pank Supervisory Board decided that their design, named Eluring, was the best submitted. In total 45 designs were submitted for the competition. Second and third... more


The silver collector coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the statesman Friedrich Karl Akel will use a design by Kristo Kooskora. The Eesti Pank Supervisory Board decided that his design, named Optika, was the best submitted.

The winning design shows a fragment from a... more


* - The image of the design for the coin has been changed for minting purposes, and this has been coordinated between the designer, Eesti Pank and the European Commission.

The two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the Estonian national animal, the wolf, will use a design by the artist... more


The Eesti Pank Executive Board confirmed the programme of issuing collector and commemorative coins for 2019.

The technical details for the coins, with the nominal value, size and weight of collector coins, and the mintage and issue date are published by Eesti Pank well before the coins... more


Following the postponement of the summer Olympics in Tokyo, the Eesti Pank programme of issuing collector and commemorative coins has been amended. The collector coin dedicated to the Estonian athletes at the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo that was planned for issue in 2020 will be issued in... more

Eesti Pank will exchange Estonian banknotes and coins for euros indefinitely.

From the beginning of 2012 kroons can be exchanged for euros at the Eesti Pank Museum at the central exchange rate (1 euro = 15.6466 Estonian kroons) and without any service fee, in unlimited amounts and for an... more


Eesti Pank has announced a competition to design a collector coin dedicated to Hanseatic Pärnu, which will be open to individual designers or to groups. The prize for the winner of the design competition is 2000 euros.

The coin will be the third in a series of collector coins for the... more

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