Eesti Pank is issuing four coins for the centenary of the Republic of Estonia in 2018, with a silver collector coin and a gold one, a two-euro coin with a special design for the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, and a two-euro coin with a special design for the centenaries of the Baltic... more


The Eesti Pank Executive Board confirmed the programme of issuing collector and commemorative coins for 2018 and 2019. It foresees Eesti Pank issuing ten new collector and commemorative coins in the coming years.

Several of these coins will be connected to the 100th anniversary of the... more


NB! The coin card for the two-euro coin dedicated to Estonian independence has sold out in the museum and the online store. It is available only in some post offices. A list of the post offices selling the coin cards can be found at the end of the press release.

  • The two-euro... more


All cash handlers, including banks, cash transporting companies and currency exchangers must remove from circulation all the euro banknotes and coins that come into their hands that they know to be counterfeit or that they have sufficient grounds for believing to be counterfeit. Such notes and... more


The Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank confirmed the winning designs in the design competitions for the two-euro coin dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia.

The two-euro coin features the official national logo for the jubilee, which can be read as the numbers 18 and 100.... more

  • The coin design of the Baltic sisters with plaited hair by the Lithuanian designer Justas Petrulis received the most votes, with 4 277
  • In total, 14 302 people from all over Europe and from almost every continent took part in the online vote
  • The two-euro coin with the... more
  • The new fifty-euro notes enter into circulation from today
  • The first series of fifty-euro notes, which have been used until now, will continue to be valid
  • The new fifty-euro note has the same security features as the new five, ten and twenty-euro notes, the most obvious... more
  • The winning design for the two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the events that preceded Estonia’s independence was created by Jaan Meristo
  • The winning design for the collector coin dedicated to the Estonian athletes and delegation attending the Winter Olympic Games in... more

A seminar on coin design will be held by Eesti Pank on Wednesday 22 March at 11.00. The seminar is open to all artists and designers who would like to participate in competitions to design collector and commemorative coins and need to know more about it.

The seminar will cover modern... more

  • Fifty-euro notes account for 36% of the total number of euro banknotes in circulation
  • The main security features of the new fifty-euro note are the transparent portrait window, the portrait watermark, the emerald green number and the raised lines
  • The new note will enter... more
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