In 2017 Eesti Pank is extending its stock of circulating coins and has minted additional 1, 2, 5 and 20-cent coins. The new coins will enter circulation on 7 March.

Eesti Pank has had 9 million one-cent coins minted, 4 million two-cent coins, 4.55 million five-cent coins, and 3.25... more

  • The coin folder for the anniversary of Estonia regaining independence contains Estonian euro coins with the issue date 2016
  • The folder costs 25 euros and can be purchased from the online shop, 11 post offices across Estonia, and the Eesti Pank museum shop from 22 August
  • ... more

A set of Estonian euro coins dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Estonia’s re-independence is released for sale on 22 August. The coin set includes one coin of each denomination with the year of issue 2016. The coin set costs 25 euros.

The set includes eight Estonian euro coins: 1, 2, 5... more


In 2015, Eesti Pank increased the stock of coins in circulation and minted additional one and two-cent coins. The new coins will enter circulation starting from 21 July.

Eesti Pank ordered 14 million one-cent coins and 17.1 million two-cent coins with the total value of 482,390 euros.... more


The exhibition ‘Lithuanian Money from the Litas to the Euro’ opens on 13 January in the Eesti Pank museum. It tells the story of the history of money in Lithuania and is being presented to coincide with the adoption of the euro in Lithuania. The exhibition will run until the end of February.... more

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