A second wave of the coronavirus has pushed the global economy back into recession in the final third of the year. After the outbreak of the disease in spring faded and restrictions were eased, the global economy recovered quite strongly. The global purchasing managers index still showed in early... more

The latest economic forecast from Eesti Pank expects the Estonian economy to recover from the crisis in 2021 and to return to where it was before the crisis in the second half of next year. The outlook for the Estonian economy is uncertain though, as the pandemic remains impossible to predict... more

Kaspar Oja Economist at Eesti Pank

Data from Statistics Estonia put Estonian GDP down 1.9% over the year in the third quarter, but up 3.3% on the previous quarter. This performance is better than that outlined in the baseline forecast scenario and is closer to that in the... more


Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller said in a presentation at a conference on accounting on Thursday that the second wave of the pandemic crisis will cause new uncertainty in the economy, which means that rather than increasing its fixed costs, the state should be flexible in the coming year and... more

The spread of the coronavirus from the start of the year had a major impact on the performance of the Estonian economy and of the economy of the whole world. Although the economic decline in many countries was less than was forecast at the first peak of the crisis, the economy of the euro area... more

Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller spoke at the Äriplaan 2021 economic conference on Tuesday, where he said that although the Estonian economy has outperformed expectations so far, the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus means that both businesses and the government need to... more


The contraction in the Estonian economy in the second quarter was smaller than had been feared, but a new outbreak of the coronavirus will push the recovery of the economy further into the future. Once the restrictions introduced under the emergency situation were lifted, the economy started to... more

The Estonian Economy and Monetary Policy is an Eesti Pank review released four times a year that summarises the main recent events in the global and Estonian economies. Twice a year, in June and December, the review also contains a full forecast for the Estonian economy, while in March and... more
Kaspar Oja Economist at Eesti Pank

Data from Statistics Estonia show that Estonian GDP was 0.7% smaller in the first quarter than in the same quarter of last year, and seasonally adjusted was 3.7% less than in the fourth quarter of last year. The economic position in the... more

Like elsewhere in Europe and other countries around the world, the most topical question affecting the Estonian economy is what impact the steps taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions they have placed on the activities of households and businesses will have. This issue of Eesti... more
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