• The Estonian economy will grow by 3.4% this year and 2.3% in 2020
  • Growth in the economy will slow in the next three years as the outlook for foreign markets is poor and the previously strong growth in employment will start to fade
  • Unemployment will rise in... more
Kaspar Oja Eesti Panga ökonomist

The Estonian economy grew by 4.2% over the year in the third quarter and by 1% over the quarter. The growth was driven by exporting branches, while one-off factors also played a large role.

Global trade is being restrained by trade... more

Kaspar Oja Economist at Eesti Pank

Statistics Estonia estimates that the economy grew by 4.2% in the third quarter over the year. This was a little faster than in the second quarter when the growth was 3.8%. The faster growth in the third quarter was an exception in the wider... more


Among the presenters at the Äriplaan 2019 economic conference on Thursday was Eesti Pank Governor Ardo Hansson, who said that the past couple of years have been good for the Estonian economy, but a slower rate of growth is to be expected in future.

The past couple of years have been kind... more

  • An improved external environment and higher productivity are boosting economic growth
  • Rising food and energy prices will put an end in the second half of the year to the deflation that has been present for two years
  • Wage pressures have not eased, and growth in the... more

Governor of Eesti Pank Ardo Hansson told the Riigikogu on Tuesday that the Estonian government has acted correctly by keeping its budget in balance, as now is not the time from the economy’s perspective to increase spending significantly.

He explained that the central bank does not give... more


The Estonian state should not rush to borrow money that is exceptionally cheap because of central bank policies and to increase the national debt, because the Estonian economy is not currently in need of any additional stimulus, says Ardo Hansson, Governor of Eesti Pank.

He does however... more

The Estonian Competitiveness Report written by experts from Eesti Pank has changed a little in its structure, and this time covers international price competitiveness in terms of effective exchange rates, and competitiveness in a broader sense, which covers the global market share of Estonian... more

In a presentation at the annual conference of the Estonian Economic Association, Ardo Hansson, Governor of Eesti Pank, explained that the competitiveness of the exporting sector has been under higher pressure than before, as was shown by the loss of market share in export markets in 2015.

... more
  • Tensions in the labour market have led rapid consumption growth to diverge from slow GDP growth
  • Stimulation of domestic demand by the government would increase the imbalances that have arisen
  • Labour productivity and a reduction in the market share of exports this year... more
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