Taavi Raudsaar Economist at Eesti Pank

The growth in corporate equity slowed over the first three quarters of 2018. The yearly growth in equity was around 4% by the end of the third quarter, which is a little below the growth in corporate debt. The growth in equity has... more

Mari Tamm Economist at Eesti Pank

In November, 14% more was taken in new housing loans than a year earlier and the growth in car leases continued at the same rate. There was also an increase in corporate borrowing, though mainly because of big individual transactions by... more


Domestic cooperation

Eesti Pank works with the Ministry of Finance and the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority in ensuring the reliability of the Estonian financial system and the appropriateness of the regulation underpinning the financial sector.

This is coordinated... more


Macroprudential policy covers systemic risk analysis and assessment, and the deployment of measures to ensure financial stability. The macroprudential authority in Estonia is Eesti Pank. Under the Eesti Pank Act, the duties of Eesti Pank include supporting the stability of the financial system... more

Kirstin Saluveer Economist at Eesti Pank

New housing loans were added at a slightly slower rate in the past few months, but in October the take-up of housing loans picked up again. The average interest rate for housing loans remained at 2.5% in October, which is the same rate... more


The financial position of the Estonian banking sector is strong. The level of own funds of the banks is high, the quality of the loan portfolio of the banks is very good, and loan losses are small.

The biggest risk to banking in Estonia continues to come from the Nordic countries. The... more

Mari Tamm Economist at Eesti Pank

Less has been taken out in recent months in housing loans than previously, while the growth in car leases remains fast. The growth in corporate loans and leases taken from banks operating in Estonia was at the same rate as in previous months... more

Taavi Raudsaar Economist at Eesti Pank
  • Companies took loans from banks and from elsewhere
  • Growth in corporate debt could be a sign of increasing investment
  • Households are borrowing enthusiastically, especially from banks
  • The risks from the... more
Mari Tamm Economist at Eesti Pank

Demand remains strong for loans. One fifth more car loans were taken out in August than a year earlier. The same number of new housing loans was taken as a year ago, though a little fewer than in the preceding months. The average interest... more


  • conducts macro-prudential policy by analysing the functioning of the financial sector, assessing systemic risks to financial stability and developing measures to mitigate the risks;
  • analyses corporate and household financing and bank lending... more
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