Rasmus Kattai Economist at Eesti Pank
  • Most of the rise in prices in October came from a rise in excise
  • Prices of individual items have made inflation more volatile
  • Average inflation this year will remain close to 0%

The Estonian consumer... more

Rasmus Kattai Economist at Eesti Pank
  • Inflation is low in Estonia, but still amongst the highest in the euro area
  • Without tax rises, prices would have remained at close to the same level as last year
  • Inflation will rise further in the coming months... more
  • Eesti Pank published its review of the Estonian economy in the second quarter on Thursday
  • Certain individual sectors were the cause of slower growth in the economy in the second quarter
  • Increased investment activity of companies in the first half of the year indicates... more
Rasmus Kattai Economist at Eesti Pank
  • The rise in excise aided the exit from deflation
  • Prices for food have risen rapidly in recent months
  • Prices will continue to rise moderately in the second half of the year

Consumer prices were 0.3%... more

Working Papers of Eesti Pank 8/2016 The paper presents forecasts of the headline and core inflation in Estonia with factor models in a recursive pseudo out-of-sample framework. The factors are constructed with a principal component analysis and are then incorporated into vector ... more
Rasmus Kattai Economist at Eesti Pank
  • External environment price pressures remain weak, although some commodities have become more expensive
  • Oil price, which has a major impact on the cost of the consumer basket, went down again in July
  • Domestic price... more
The main scope of the paper is to evaluate the hypothesis that the monetary policy of the European Central Bank leads to convergence in bank-induced effects in inflation forecast uncertainty for euro area countries. Inflation forecast uncertainty is measured by the root mean squared pseudo ex-post... more
  • An improved external environment and higher productivity are boosting economic growth
  • Rising food and energy prices will put an end in the second half of the year to the deflation that has been present for two years
  • Wage pressures have not eased, and growth in the... more
Rasmus Kattai Economist at Eesti Pank
  • The price level was lower in May than a year earlier, but consumer prices have climbed consistently since the start of this year
  • At the start of the year the oil price started its next cyclical rise, helping consumer prices... more
Rasmus Kattai Economist at Eesti Pank
  • he fall in the price level was again mainly due to cheaper energy
  • Services prices are rising, reflecting wage and inflation pressures in Estonia
  • The price of industrial goods has not reacted to rises in incomes... more
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