Working Papers of Eesti Pank No. 6/2013 This paper estimates the extent of income underreporting by households with business income relative to households of wage earners in Estonia. The paper uses a modified version of the methodology pioneered by Pissarides and Weber (1989). The extent of... more
Working Papers of Eesti Pank No. 5/2013 Forthcoming in International Economics and Economic Policy, 2015 After the global financial crisis, some governments in the EU experienced serious debt financing problems, while others were less affected. This paper seeks to shed light on the... more
Working Papers of Eesti Pank No. 8/2012 This paper analyses managerial dishonesty in the form of economic activity not reported to the authorities. We employ data from a survey of Baltic firm managers, who were asked to assess the prevalence of unreported profits, employment and... more
Working Papers of Eesti Pank. No. 5/2012 The Euro Plus Pact was approved by 23 EU countries in March 2011. The Pact stipulates a range of quantitative targets meant to strengthen competitiveness and convergence with the ultimate aim of preventing unsustainable financial imbalances... more

Research Supervisor
E-mail: karsten.staehr [at] eestipank.ee

Research interests:

Monetary integration
Public finances
Economic transition


1997 — Ph.D., Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark... more

Working Papers of Eesti Pank. No. 3/2012 The Permanent Income Hypothesis (PIH) entails that consumption reacts more strongly to persistent than to temporary income shocks. This prediction is tested using data from the Estonian Household Budget Surveys for 2002-2007. The dataset contains... more
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