New opportunities for Estonian businesses have emerged during the Covid-19 crisis as global supply chains get shorter and become more regional, said Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller at a conference on economic security on Wednesday.

He said there is a global trend above all in... more


Estonia and the euro area as a whole are facing not only a healthcare crisis, but also structural problems, and resolving them will need us to invest in projects that will support growth in the future, said Madis Müller, Governor of Eesti Pank, at an online seminar on growing out of the crisis... more


Madis Müller, Governor of Eesti Pank and member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank

17 March 2021

I have promised to talk today about the state of the economy and the role of the central bank in exiting the crisis. Tomorrow will mark exactly one year since we... more


The Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank decided today at its regular meeting to extend the term of office of Deputy Governor Ülo Kaasik for the next five years.

The Board gave unanimous support to the proposal of Eesti Pank Governor Madis Müller to nominate Ülo Kaasik for another term as... more

Madis Müller, Governor of Eesti Pank

Madis Müller leads Eesti Pank and is a member of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council, the highest decision-making body of the ECB that among other decisions sets monetary policy for the euro area. 

Madis Müller became Governor of Eesti Pank... more


At this week’s regular meeting of the Eesti Pank Supervisory Board, members of the Board supplemented the work plan for the internal audit for the next year, and heard a report on the work of the internal audit last year. Eesti Pank Governor Madis Müller gave the Board the regular review of the... more


Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller emphasised at a joint seminar of Eesti Pank and the European Investment Bank (EIB) on Thursday that companies had to invest more in innovation and research if Estonia wants to stay competitive.

“Fewer funds are directed to innovation and digital... more


The budget of Eesti Pank for 2021 will be 24.2 million euros. Without cash handling costs, which vary a lot from year to year, the budget will be 0.7 million euros, or 3.4%, larger than in 2020.

Including cash handling costs makes the central bank budget 4.4% bigger next year than it was... more


At its regular meeting on Tuesday, the Supervisory Board recalled Maive Rute from the Supervisory Board of Finantsinspektsioon and appointed in her place Veiko Tali, who will start work as Deputy Governor of the central bank from the new year. The decisions come into force from 1 January.

... more

Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller said in a presentation at a conference on accounting on Thursday that the second wave of the pandemic crisis will cause new uncertainty in the economy, which means that rather than increasing its fixed costs, the state should be flexible in the coming year and... more

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