The seminar on Tuesday led by Eesti Pank discussed how to fight more effectively against money laundering while keeping banking services accessible for businesses.

The first part of the seminar focused on how money laundering may impact security, economic policy and financial supervision... more


Due to COVID-19 virus pandemic the program of open seminars is currently suspended.

Economists and people interested in economics are kindly invited to attend the open seminars of Eesti Pank. The goal of the open seminars is to promote exchange of ideas between the central bank, the... more


A seminar on coin design will be held by Eesti Pank on Wednesday 22 March at 11.00. The seminar is open to all artists and designers who would like to participate in competitions to design collector and commemorative coins and need to know more about it.

The seminar will cover modern... more

Open seminars of Eesti Pank in 2017 Date and
time    Lecturer (institution) and topic      Previous seminars 31 October
  Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho (University of New South Wales in Australia/Bank of Estonia)
Skill premium divergence: the roles of trade, capital... more

There will be an open seminar in the Eesti Pank museum at 13.00 on Thursday 24 November, at which Tarvo Vaarmets, Kristjan Liivamägi and Tõnn Talpsepp will present their doctoral work on behavioural finance. At the seminar, Governor of Eesti Pank Ardo Hansson will present the research awards to... more

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