This page contains details of employment openings at Eesti Pank.

  • SENIOR ECONOMIST in the Research Division The deadline for applications is 25 November 2019

Please see details of employment openings at Eesti Pank here (in Estonian)

„Eesti Pank is a good place to develop as a specialist“ „A good thing about working at Eesti Pank is that you are always dealing with current topics and the latest economic figures. This means you can see better how you can contribute yourself and what areas should be researched. A big plus is... more

Eesti Pank values skills. We strive first of all to employ people who are very well trained in their field and have a broad range of interest, but we also work constantly to support our staff in their professional and personal development.

The skills, knowledge and experience of our... more


Eesti Pank is a constantly developing organisation that adapts its work and its processes to its ever-changing environment and to new requirements. The bank has 11 departments that employ a total of 230 colleagues.

The organisational values of the Estonian central bank are competence,... more

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