The Wage Dynamics Network Survey is carried out jointly by Eesti Pank and TNS Emor. It aims to find data on how local companies react to changes in economic circumstances and to compare the data gathered by questionnaire with those from other countries and from earlier periods. The survey gives important information for assessment of the outlook for Estonia’s economic development on how our economy adjusts to changes in relation to other countries, how flexible wage-setting is in Estonia and what effect the major labour market reforms passed during the crisis had.

Earlier similar surveys

Eesti Pank has carried out the Wage Dynamics Network Surveys before on three occasions in 2005, 2007 and 2009. The second and third rounds of the questionnaire were within the framework of the Wage Dynamics Network research network run by the European Central Bank and the national central banks of European countries, and a similar survey was conducted simultaneously in a large number of European countries. The survey of 2007-2008 collected data on price and wage-setting by companies and on the relations between prices and wages, and covered 16 member states of the European Union. The next questionnaire, which was the third in Estonia and the second for EU member states, was carried out in summer 2009 in 11 member states and looked at how companies had reacted to the economic crisis. The survey of 2007-2008 covered a total of around 15,600 companies in various EU countries and the survey of 2009 covered 5,700 companies in different sectors including manufacturing, construction, trade, services, and financial intermediation.

The survey in Estonia in 2014

The 2014 survey continues with similar questions to those of the previous surveys, and this time it will cover more countries than the earlier waves. The need for Estonian and international data to be comparable means that it is important for us that a lot more Central and Eastern European countries are covered by the survey than before. Latvia and Finland will also take part in this survey, having not been covered by the previous waves of it.

The Wage Dynamics Network Survey in Estonia will be conducted on 1-30 April 2014. The survey will be available on the TNS Emor website.

The information collected from companies by questionnaire will be processed securely and confidentially. It will only be used in general and anonymous form and strictly only for the purposes of the survey. Analyses based on the survey will be published on the Eesti Pank website.

The questionnaire is voluntary. We very much appreciate your cooperation in this, and the response of every company is important for us as each one helps us get an overall picture of enterprise in Estonia. By participating in the survey you are helping give a clearer understanding and analysis of matters that are important for Estonia. As each company is unique, it is not possible for the companies questioned to be replaced by others.

Further information on the Wage Dynamics Network Survey

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