Working at Eesti Pank

Eesti Pank is a constantly developing organisation that adapts its work and its processes to its ever-changing environment and to new requirements. The bank has 11 departments that employ a total of 230 colleagues.

The organisational values of the Estonian central bank are competence, cooperation orientation, reliability and consideration. It is important for us that skilled and dedicated people work at Eesti Pank, and that they are happy with their employer and with their work. The relatively low turnover of staff shows how satisfied Eesti Pank employees are with their work.

To monitor levels of employee satisfaction we run a satisfaction survey every couple of years. At least 250,000 euros is budgeted each year for increasing the skills of employees, and this should be enough to allow each employee an average of five days of training per year. It also helps to maintain motivation for long-serving colleagues and lets them develop in different ways. Among our staff, 80% have higher education, and 7% have a doctorate.

Many of our staff work in international committees and working groups and with international monetary and financial institutions. We also work closely with the central banks of other countries.

Our mission and vision, our organisational values, tasks and strategic goals, and our organisational structure explain who we are as an organisation. 

We welcome to our team people who share our values, are interested in the world of finance, and want to help maintain the value of money and contribute to an organisation whose aim is to strengthen Europe.

Welcome to the Estonian central bank!