Explanation to the Table

Consumer price index - data of the State Statistical Office (SSO) on the changes in consumer prices in a given period as compared to an earlier period.

Producer price index - data of the SSO on changes in the price of industrial products manufactured in Estonia in a given period as compared to an earlier period. The prices do not include VAT or excise tax.

Export price index - data of the SSO on the change of the fob prices of exported merchandise in a given period as compared to an earlier period.

Real effective exchange rate index of the kroon describes changes in the exchange rate of the Estonian kroon against the currencies of Estonia's nine major trade partners and changes in the Estonian consumer prices in comparison with changes in the consumer prices of these trade partners. The index is based on the structure of Estonia's foreign trade turnover.

Export and import of merchandise is based on the SSO data.

Data on the state and local budgets are based on respective reports of the Ministry of Finance.

The number of live births and deaths is based on data of the registry offices.

Officially registered unemployed are those unemployed who have been registered at the National Labour Market Board under Article 5 of the Social Protection of the Unemployed Act.

Unemployed job-seekers are the registered unemployed and other persons without a job who have contacted the employment offices in search for a job or for some other labour market service.

Nominal wages - average gross monthly wages per worker according to data of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Real wages - nominal wages adjusted with the consumer price index against some earlier period.