Kadi Kapral

Administration is the department responsible for general office services, records and archive management; human resources and staff development; legal services and other internal services; and organising public procurements. The department also arranges the preparations and minuting for meetings of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board.

The Head of Administration is Kadi Kapral. The department has 19 other employees beside her.

Administration has three divisions:

Legal Services, which provides legal advice, coordinates legislative activities, and organises public procurements. The head of Legal Services is Marek Feldman;

Records Management Services, which provides (general) office services and is responsible for records and archive management. Records Management Services is managed by Pille Vestung;

Human Resources and Staff Development Services, which sets the priorities for personnel management in the bank, organises searches for new employees, and provides analysis of the development needs of the organisation. HR manager is Riina Padar-Leppiman.