How do we store your personal data if you visit our website?

If you visit the Eesti Pank website, information about your visit is collected for statistical purposes.

We use Google Analytics tools for analysis on our website, and these collect general data on how visitors use our site. The Google Analytics data show for example the geographical location of visitors, the web browser and the version of the operating system they use, the time and length of the visit, and the pages visited and how they move between them. We receive the data in anonymised form so we cannot see whose they are. We use the information we receive to make our website more user-friendly.

Some pages of the Eesti Pank website may use cookies[1] from third parties like Google, YouTube or Slide Share, and their use is not regulated by Eesti Pank. If a user shares a page of the Eesti Pank website on social media for example, the social media service provider may save a cookie on the user’s web browser.

How do we store your personal data if you order our newsletter?

If you sign up for the Eesti Pank newsletter, you will have to enter your email address in the sign-up form and choose which newsletter you want to receive. Eesti Pank collects this information only in order to send you the newsletter you have ordered to your email address. We store your data until you state that you want to cancel your order of the newsletter. If you no longer want to receive the Eesti Pank newsletter you can cancel your order. Once you have cancelled your order we will stop processing your data.

[1] A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the user’s computer or mobile device when the browser visits a website, and it allows the user’s preferences to be remembered so that navigation can be made simpler and more convenient.