Economics and Research Department

  • participates in the preparation of Eurosystem's monetary policy decisions and consults the Governor of Eesti Pank in the Eurosystem's monetary policy decision-making process;
  • analyses the functioning of the economies of Estonia, of the euro area and of countries influencing them;
  • prepares Estonia's economic forecasts and participates in the forecast work of the European System of Central Banks;
  • shapes the Bank's positions on monetary and economic policy at the domestic, Eurosystem's and EU levels;
  • coordinates and conducts economic research in Eesti Pank.

The Head of the Economics and Research Department is Martti Randveer and besides him there are 27 employees in the department.

The Economics and Research Department has three divisions.

The Economic Policy and Forecasting Division prepares analyses and forecasts of the Estonian economy, participates in Eurosystem's economic forecasting and shapes the Bank's positions on economic policy. The Head of Division is Rasmus Kattai.

The Research Division coordinates and conducts economic research in the Bank. Research supports the analyses and forecasts that are prepared in the Bank, and contributes to the preparation of the central bank's positions on monetary policy. The Head of Division is Tairi Rõõm.

The Monetary Policy and International Economics Division participates in the preparation of euro area's monetary policy decisions and analyses and monitors economies that affect Estonia and the entire euro area. The Head of Division is Peeter Luikmel.