Eesti Pank 100

On 3 May 2019, Eesti Pank will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Although the Provisional Government had adopted the decision to establish Eesti Pank on 24 February 1919, May 3rd is regarded as the true birthday of the central bank as this is the day when the bank commenced operations and the first amount, 10 million Marks, was recorded in the general ledger.

Exhibitions and other events to mark the anniversary

The celebrations began last year, when the Republic of Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary, as the birth of the central bank was closely related to the birth of Estonian Statehood. We have planned many events for 2019 to make this year truly memorable and we invite everyone to join us in our centenary celebrations.

The contemporary art exhibition held in the main building of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt paid homage to Estonian artists. The series of exhibitions displayed at Eesti Pank Museum in 2019 celebrates the art of numismatics. The exhibition “The Art of Money” at Mikkel Museum was devoted to the history of Estonian money design. 

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Centenary lectures

The series of lectures that started in autumn 2018 brings several internationally acclaimed economists and finance experts to speak at Eesti Pank. 

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