Ahti Roosa

  • manages the information technology policy of the bank;
  • develops and administers the IT infrastructure of the bank;
  • arranges data exchange with the European System of Central Banks;
  • ensures the security of the bank's information systems.

The Information Technology Department develops and manages the IT infrastructure necessary for the functioning of the bank. The bank's IT infrastructure consists of more than 1,000 devices connected to the network, including 75 servers and over 300 computerised workstations. The department ensures Eesti Pank's data exchange with the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) by participating in the development and management of its infrastructure and in ESCB's working groups. In addition, the specialists of the IT department introduce IT solutions for the bank's departments, carry out IT risk analyses and ensure the relevancy of the bank's IT security measures. 

The Head of the Information Technology Department is Ahti Roosa. Besides him, there are 12 more employees in the department.