The 100-euro banknote


The second series of euro banknotes has been in circulation since 2013. The new banknotes have high technology security features that have been created using the latest technical equipment. The new security features are more effective and offer better protection against counterfeiting.

The new notes continue the theme of “ages and styles”. The 100-euro note features the baroque and rococo style.

The authenticity of the notes can easily be checked using the Feel, Look, Tilt method. The new 100-euro note has similar security features to the 50-euro note, with a portrait watermark and short raised lines on the edge of the note, and it also has some additional anti-counterfeiting security features. Anybody can identify at least four security elements and learn to check them:

  • a series of short raised lines on the left and right edges,
  • an emerald-green number in the bottom left corner of the note, with the euro symbol within it,
  • a watermark of a portrait of Europa,
  • a hologrammic portrait of Europa,

· a portrait window of Europa above the hologrammic strip, where a portrait of Europa appears that can be seen from both sides of the note when it is held up to the light.

The new 100-euro note is the same width as the note of the first series, but it is a little less high. The dimensions of the 100-euro note of the second series are 147 mm x 77 mm.