The two-euro coin for the centenary of Estonia will have the official centenary logo



The Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank confirmed the winning designs in the design competitions for the two-euro coin dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia.

The two-euro coin features the official national logo for the jubilee, which can be read as the numbers 18 and 100. This trick with the numbers unites the year the state was founded with today. The winning designers are Ionel Lehari and Meelis Opmann of the concept & design agency Identity OÜ, which is also the agency behind the official logo for the Estonian centenary. Second place in the design competition went to Riho Luuse and third to Heino Prunsvelt.

A two-euro commemorative coin is a circulation coin with the usual common side and a special commemorative design on the national side. The coin is intended to symbolise the people of Estonia, and so 1,317,800 coins will be minted to match the population of Estonia on 1 January 2017 according to data from Statistics Estonia.

The coin will enter into circulation in early 2018 and will be valid as legal tender throughout the euro area.

Once the coin is released, the winning designer will receive a prize of 2000 euros while the second-placed design will win 700 euros and the third-placed 500. Where designers have worked together on a design, they will have to share the prize money.

There were 33 entries in the design competition for the two-euro commemorative coin.

The winning design
EV100 münt

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