Statistics Department

  • produces the official external sector and financial sector statistics and the quarterly financial accounts for the Estonian economy
  • distributes statistics to the European Central Bank and other international organisations
  • manages and develops the databases needed for Eesti Pank's analyses and the IT systems used for producing statistics
  • works with the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and other organisations to develop international statistical standards
  • contributes to the joint research of the statistical system of European central banks and participates in maintaining common registers and databases

The Head of the Statistics Department is Jaanus Kroon. The department has 31 other employees beside him.
Deputy Head of the department is Ain Paas.

The Statistics Department consists of three divisions.

The Financial Sector Statistics Division produces statistics for the financial sector. The main financial sector statistics are the statistics on credit institutions, leasing companies, payment and settlement systems, and statistics that are sent to the European Central Bank on monetary financial institutions, investment funds, insurance companies and pension funds, and securities. The Head of Division is Terje Raudsaar.

The Economic Statistics Division compiles the monthly and quarterly balance of payments, the quarterly international investment position and external debt indicators and the quarterly financial accounts for the economy. The Division also distributes general economic statistics to the European Central Bank and other international organisations. The Head of Division is Ulvi Saks.

The Data Management and Collection Division conducts statistical surveys, and manages and develops the registries required for statistics work. The Division is responsible for supplying data to the European Central Bank's securities database and for managing the quality of the data. The Head of Division is Tiina Nõmme.