Our employees

„Eesti Pank is a good place to develop as a specialist“

„A good thing about working at Eesti Pank is that you are always dealing with current topics and the latest economic figures. This means you can see better how you can contribute yourself and what areas should be researched. A big plus is that the work leads to contacts with economic researchers in other countries in the European Union. The international network means we can study and learn better and work with people from other countries in our research.“

Jaanika Meriküll
Economics researcher


Riina Kruus
Assistant to the Governor

„Eesti Pank cares about each and every employee“

„Eesti Pank is a state institution, but there is a more academic atmosphere here than in many other state institutions. I have worked as the assistant for three Governors of Eesti Pank and during that time my work has changed constantly and offered new challenges. There is an exciting contradiction within central banking between being involved in changes while remaining a conservative institution. Working conditions in Eesti Pank are good and everybody here is cared for. Here you can work with real professionals in your field.“


„I find the variety of topics covered at Eesti Pank fascinating“

“Over the years I have done very different jobs at Eesti Pank. When I came here straight from university I monitored the economy of the world around Estonia, then later I was focused more on European Union policy. I now head the team that organises communications and management meetings at Eesti Pank, and supports the Executive Board in their day-to-day work. The variety of topics in Eesti Pank is fascinating, and so is the range of ways we cover them, by reading, analysing, writing and presenting. There are always people at Eesti Pank we can discuss our work with, and who we can ask for advice if we need to. Such an environment is very inspiring and really encourages development.”

Anu Randveer
Head of the General Secretariat


Rainer Olt
Head of Payment and Settlement Systems Department

„I started working at Eesti Pank as an expert, today I am head of department.“

„My responsibility is to ensure the proper and secure functioning of the Estonian payment environment, so that Estonian people can use new payment solutions. As a top expert in the field, I was tasked with bringing SEPA payments to Estonia. When working at the European Central Bank, I helped design instant payments and introduce popular e-invoicing solutions also in Estonia. Today, I continue designing the Estonian payment environment together with my team. What I like about working at Eesti Pank is flexibility and responsibility entrusted with our experts. It does not matter where we do our work: at home, in Frankfurt, at an airport or even on the plane …

What is important is that things get done well and on time. The work is exciting and dynamic, it enables to become a top expert in the field in Estonia and, through traineeship at the European Central Bank, also at the European level.“


„Eesti Pank is a family-friendly employer, where work and private life are kept in balance“

„Monetary policy and analysis at the central bank are not possible without good quality statistics. It is my job to produce statistics on credit institutions, manage the data quality, and develop the methodology. Statistics from Eesti Pank are widely used by central bank analysts and monetary policymakers, and also by students, economics researchers, domestic and international organisations, and corporate analysts.

I like my work because it allows me to develop and become better, and the work is interesting and responsible. As well as dealing with numbers, I also have to communicate a lot with other people in my field in Estonia and abroad. It is important for me that Eesti Pank supports its staff in having a healthy and sporty lifestyle and in shared activities, in which family members can also be involved where possible.“

Kristiina Kibin
Economist and statistician


Martti Näksi
Cash analyst 

„It is good that at Eesti Pank you never have to just hang around, and I can always feel that I am useful.“

„My job is to analyse the payment behaviour of people and how the use of cash in society changes, and from this I can plan the cash stocks for Eesti Pank so that we can issue the right amounts of cash into circulation.

I came to Eesti Pank looking for new professional challenges, and that has worked very well because there are many and very different tasks to be done here. Eesti Pank has a professional team and an open working environment, where it is easy to get in touch with any other member of staff and talk to them.“


„Everybody who works at Eesti Pank is valuable and is valued.“

„My job is to help draw up the Eesti Pank plans and budget, and later to analyse the data and compile the information needed for management decisions. After 10 years at Eesti Pank I still find it exciting and I have managed to steer what I do in my job. As an employee I feel that my opinion counts and is listened to. This is a very good feeling and makes me happy to come to work.“

Pille Parmas
Management accounting specialist


Oliver Tamm
Investment portfolio manager

“I believe my job is certainly one of the most exciting in Eesti Pank”.

“My job is to manage and invest the Eesti Pank reserves. That needs to be done so that the financial independence of the central bank from the government can be guaranteed and we can carry out monetary policy. For me this means monitoring all the financial markets and what is happening in them. The goal is to invest the Eesti Pank reserve in the best way possible to make sure there is enough liquidity and constancy and that we can also earn income.

It is my work that has kept me at Eesti Pank. Financial markets are full of changes and there is always something happening there. Although Eesti Pank as a central bank takes quite a conservative approach to financial markets, I like it that portfolio managers still have a relatively large amount of room to follow their personal vision. I also like how that part of the work is fairly quantitative, meaning it can be measured in money terms and I can directly make my own small contribution to the national budget. Eesti Pank is an employer that is obviously stable, so whether you keep your job here depends on you yourself and not on winds blowing through the economy”.