Cash and Infrastructure Department

Rait Roosvee

  • is responsible for the existence and maintenance of the cash reserves required for the smooth operation of cash circulation;
  • manages the cash resources of the Republic of Estonia and the Eurosystem and puts cash into circulation;
  • issues cash to cash clients and collects it from them;
  • arranges to destroy damaged or spoiled coins and notes, and helps to minimise the spread of counterfeit money;
  • protects the integrity of the property of Eesti Pank and the security of staff and visitors;
  • ensures a good working environment for staff of the bank and is responsible for the proper maintenance of property and infrastructure belonging to the bank.

The Head of the Cash and Infrastructure Department is Rait Roosve. Besides him, there are 46 employees in the department.

The Cash and Infrastructure Department has three divisions.

The cash handling division, which is principally responsible for supplying cash for circulation, processing and packaging cash, destroying cash that is unfit for use, and storing and accounting for cash assets. 

The security division, which is principally responsible for the physical security of the bank; for guarding its assets with a manned guarding system and a technical surveillance system; and for fulfilling all fire safety requirements and carrying out surveillance.

The real estate division, which is principally responsible for maintaining the buildings and properties belonging to the bank in good condition; for ensuring that the working environment meets all the requirements and has functioning infrastructure; and for carrying out surveillance.